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Love Letters (jk, testimonials)

Patrick and his team saved us after a less-than-satisfactory experience with another dev shop that left our codebase in shambles. He rewrote everything from the ground up, improving every aspect of our site and conversion rates in the process. He's been a beloved member of our team and a joy to work with the entire time.

Helena Hambrecht
Founder @ Haus

I sing Patrick's praises to pretty much anyone who will listen, and I'm really grateful that we found him and that he agreed to come work with us. Working with him has been an absolute pleasure--he's a wonderful communicator, he has a great attitude, he works super hard, and he seems to always come to the right answer.

Amy Snook
Chief Operating Officer @ Haus

Couldn't have been any better. As someone who's constantly doing 35 things it was great that I could rely on the Progress Labs team to get this project done, including the full wireframe, design, development, Q&A, and beyond.

Nik Sharma
CEO @ Sharma Brands

We said we would recommend Progress Labs to others, but we don't want to so we can keep y'all to ourselves! My team and I loved working with Progress Labs and we can't wait to do it again.

Nicole Murrary
Project Manager

It was a delight working with you, you are the case study for professionalism. I appreciated you being so thorough in your explanations, searching for the best and right solution, being so collaborate and offering opinions.

Design Partner @ Chapter SF

This was a really great prjoect experience! All deadlines and milestones were buttoned up and communication was quick, informative, and thorough.

Ryan Scott
Art Director @ Peck Design Associates

Working with Patrick on the Vimeo Blog project was an amazing experience. As our project evolved from a simple blog migration to a setting up a full-fledged Wordpress VIP installation — Patrick went above and beyond our expectations helping us debug a new stack *and* assembling a next-level blog for Vimeo.

Stephen Petrey
Technical Lead @ Vimeo

Progress Labs is basically the brains behind our site. They consistently deliver thoughtful recommendations and put forward the best execution possible. Not only are they great engineers, they truly works as a partner in the process and speaks to you not just as a professional but gives you the grace to understand the complexity of coding (because I sure definitely need it!). Would highly recommend hiring and working with Pat and his team any time, day, or year!

Isidora Torres
Business Operations Lead @ Haus

I really enjoyed working with you, Patrick! You have always been incredibly communicative, thorough and accommodating to our changing deadlines and plans for the site. Everyone here loves the work we did and it's definitely enhanced the overall image of our company! Thank you!

Rachel Beiser
Designer @ Urbint

Overall, you were very easy and fun to work with. You did a great job accomplishing all the things we asked, you never seemed stressed or confused by our requests, and you were great at coming up with your own solutions to problems, often with just a loose design or idea from us. That's super helpful. The reason we hire external contractors / agencies is often because we don't have time to tackle a project ourselves, so your ability to take decision making off of our plate is huge.

Tyler Strand
Founder @ Air Inc.

Patrick has been a true partner for our website. He goes beyond just translating what we ask for onto our website, he also comes to us with suggestions based on his technical expertise and knowledge of our goals. He is a great communicator, keeping us in the loop every step of the way, and has helped us regularly iterate on our web experience in a seamless way.

Sharon Shapiro
Director of Content Marketing & Integrated Planning

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