Progress Labs

A brand, design & technology studio.

We build comprehensive, meaningful brands & digital products for a range of businesses, brand and organizations of all sizes.

Featured Work

A comprehensive-ish list of completed work in collaboration with our clients.

DallyWeb Development2024 - Present
GushWeb Development2024 - Present
SwiftwickCopywriting, Digital Design, Strategy, Web Development2024 - Present
HumantraCopywriting, Digital Design, Strategy2024 - Present
Primal HarvestDigital Design, Digital Strategy, Web Development2024 - Present
Day OffBrand Strategy, Branding, Web Design2024
Sobo FoodsWeb Development2024
FanciiArt Direction, Copywriting, Digital Strategy, Web Design, Web Development2023 - Present
TaypediaDigital Design, Strategy, Web Development2023 - Present
Lieu DitDigital Design, Web Development2023 - Present
La Petite VictoireDigital Design, Digital Strategy, Web Development2023 - Present
Velvet CaviarDigital Design, Strategy, Web Development2023 - 2024
BrijDigital Design, Web Development2023 - 2024
Feast & FettleDigital Design, Digital Strategy, Product Design, Web Development2023
NerraDigital Design, Digital Strategy, Web Development2023
Prime Matter LabsDigital Design, Digital Strategy, Web Development2023
Polly WalesWeb Development2022 - Present
SabahDigital Design, Digital Strategy, Web Development2022 - Present
Abel ObjectsFriendship, Web Development2022 - Present
BearabyDigital Design, Digital Strategy, Web Development2022 - 2024
Cardon SkinDigital Design, Digital Strategy, Web Development2022 - 2023
SolanaWeb Design2022
Air.incCopywriting, Digital Design, Strategy, Web Development2021 - Present
Dear SummerBrand Strategy, Branding, Copywriting, Digital Design, Digital Strategy, Web Development2021 - Present
DeuxCopywriting, Digital Design, Strategy, Web Development2021 - 2024
Libby WinesDigital Design, Strategy, Web Development2021 - 2022
A Kids Company AboutWeb Development2021 - 2022
Exponent BeautyDigital Design, Digital Strategy, Web Development2021 - 2022
SourseDigital Design, Strategy, Web Development2021
JolieWeb Development2021
Leaf ShaveWeb Development2020 - 2022
Andie SwimWeb Development2020 - 2022
KadaWeb Development2020 - 2021
MaypleWeb Development2020
JudyWeb Development2020
Pure RosyWeb Development2020

*Projects are added when launched. Please reach out for our latest capabilities deck.



We believe a brand is a living entity, and we help articulate and express their brand's purpose, positioning, personality and identity.

  • Brand Strategy & Positioning
  • Brand Identity
  • Messaging & Copywriting
  • Package Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Art Direction


Our designers combine big-picture awareness with attention to detail, creating work that catches the eye from 30,000 feet or 30 nanometers.

  • Web Design
  • Product Design
  • UX / UI Design
  • User Testing
  • Digital Strategy


Our focus is creating robust, scalable, and engaging software tailored to meet your unique business needs, regardless of technical stack, trends or requirements.

  • Technical & Product Leadership
  • Backend Development
  • Frontend Development
  • E-Commerce Development
  • Headless Development
  • Platform Migrations
  • ADA Audits & Remediation
Woman cuddling with a Bearaby product whlie sleeping on a bed.bearaby
Close up photo of a person in a dark red jacket holding a Gush drink pouch.Gush
Close up photo of a person in a dark red jacket holding a Gush drink pouch.Nerra
Three people outside, sitting at a bench in a park drinking Ami Ami boxed wine.Ami Ami
Focused photo on blonde woman's ear highlighting the Abel Objects Bend 1 earring.Abel Objects

We started Progress Labs because we were tired of fighting our moral compass working elsewhere.

The idea of forcibly sending change orders for a 15 minute update or sitting on our hands because a client hasn't "agreed" to a new schedule update. Charging an arm & leg for work we knew wasn't worth the cost.

We're fighting to stay positive, move into the future, and create an organization that welcomes great people, great work, and most importantly great progress.


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July 10, 2024

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