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We started Progress Labs because we were tired of acting against our moral compass while working elsewhere. Forcibly sending change orders for a 15min update to a deck, sitting on our hands because a client hasn’t “agreed” to the schedule update. Charging an arm-and-a-leg for work we know isn’t worth what they were asking.

We hated it so we started our own studio to create an organization (and projects) we are proud of.

Relationships first

Good work is easy to find these days. Great work, however, is the result of effort, collaboration and relationships. We believe strong, honest, and authentic relationships are the foundation of a successful project, and as a result creates great work.

Honesty & transparency

We operate as a partner, not an agency. This means our practitioners lead projects so they can speak to challenges & solutions directly & honestly. We discuss pricing openly and hate scope creep and change orders. We're proud to be transparent with our partners. Progress Labs works with shifting needs to make sure we can all agree to what's possible to get great work done.

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